5 Top Tourist Attractions In Crete – Why To Visit Crete

5 Top Tourist Attractions In Crete-Photo by Eleni Afiontzi on Unsplash

Greece is a famous country on the European continent. Alexander the Great, who was the king of ancient Greek. 

When you hear about Greece, a good civilization comes to your mind with beautiful scenery. 

Greece has a total of 227 islands almost. Crete is one of the largest and most crowded islands of the Greek. 

If you’re planning to visit the Greek islands, you should plan a trip to the famous Crete island. 

Old Venetian port of Chania

It’s Chania’s old town. The old Venetian port of Chania is a harbour place. This port got damaged a huge during world war 2. This Harbour remains one of the most urban places on the islands. Currently, the Old Venetian port of Chania attracts visitors and local people. People gather in this place in the summer season basically.

Heraklion Archaeological Museum

The Heraklion Archaeological Museum is Crete’s ancient place. Amazing artefacts with old treasures inside in the Museum. Absolutely unbelievable place. Magnificent museum with collections of pottery, Bauhaus-inspired architecture, jewellery, gold items, etc. Each fine art is beautiful.

Agia Galini Beach

Agia Galini is a village of Rethymno, Crete. It’s a small fishing port with a beautiful scenario. The atmosphere is always warm. The beach is very sandy. There are always sun-chairs on the seabeach. You can travel with your family and children. All food bars are situated beside the beach and have availability of showers and toilets. 

Diktaion Andron

Zeus, the god had born in the place of Diktaion Andron. It is located at an altitude of 1,020 metres. Besically, Diktaion Andron is one of the most important caves in Crete, with great mythological and archaeological importance. The place becomes more attractive with dramatic lighting. You will see walkways and stairs inside the cave. You should have to hike to reach the cave. 

Gola Di Imbros

It’s a small village of Imbros. It is situated above the sea level of 700 metres. Beautiful nature and landscape. If the gorge of Samaria is the top popular gorge, then the gorge of Imbros is the second most popular gorge for walkers in Crete after the gorge of Samaria. 

Why To Visit Crete, greece-Blognewstop-Photo by Error 420  on Unsplash

Why You Should Visit the Crete?

  1. It’s perfect if you have a short time to travel and spend a vacation in an offbeat location. It might be a short or a long vacation.
  2. The beaches, cities and towns are so beautiful. 
  3. You will be faced with good and perfect weather at all times of the year.
  4. Greece is always a good travel destination in Europe. Crete, the island of Greece, will add extra deliciousness to your travel.
  5. Local people are friendly and always helpful.
  6. If you are a nature lover and adventurous, the place is for you.
  7. Hiking is occasionally needed in this travel. You need love with hiking.
  8. The most attractive scenario is that you will be faced with ancient history, gods birthplaces, ancient museums, etc. If you are a history student, don’t worry repeatedly about gaining your history knowledge. You can visit the island to learn about history.
  9. The budget is at your fingertips. But partially depends on how you’ll spend it.

It’s a popular holiday trip in Europe, like the ‘swiss alps vacation’.

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