Swiss alps vacation – 10 fantastic facts of why visit the Swiss Alps

Swiss alps vacation - 10 fantastic facts of why visit the Swiss Alps

Swiss alps vacation – 10 fantastic facts of why visit the Swiss Alps?

Switzerland is one of the most popular countries. People want to spend most of their travel for Swiss alps vacation.


According to travelagentcentral,”An increase of nearly 10% in U.S. arrivals in Switzerland in 2019, the total number of 1,1154,155. The number of overnight stays was 2.47 million, an increase of 9.8 per cent compared to 2018” 

Switzerland Alps is the highest and most famous mountain in the European country.

Nearly 60 million people visit the Swiss alps every year. It shows that the number of tourists is increasing yearly and most of the swiss travellers are visiting the Alps.

why visit the Swiss Alps

1.Why visit the Swiss Alps 

The eight countries Italy, Germany, France, Austria, Monaco, Slovenia, Switzerland and Liechtenstein are in touch with it.


The Alps is a high valley with a good climate and mostly different mountain peaks than others. 

69% of this is covered with lakes, rivers and tourist spots. That’s why you should visit the Swiss Alps.

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2. Travelling changes your mind

Travelling changes your mind, brings joy, promotes happiness and takes you to a stress-less situation. 

If the travel destination is the Alps, there will be no query about your mood-changing. 

You can connect with various people that you didn’t do before.

Due to their busy lives, people are looking for high oxygen places.

Skiing experience of Alps

3.Faceoff Skiing experience

Skiing is a striking reason to spend Swiss alps vacation. St. Moritz, Champery, Verbier and Zermatt are the places where you can ski.

With Alpine forest, low-altitude mountains, high mountain peaks and glaciers, this attracts tourists to visit there. Glaciers are not situated everywhere. Some countries have this. 

There are many hotels for travellers.  

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4.Natural Beauty

The Matterhorn is called the king of the Swiss Alps

The natural beauty of the Alps makes the mountains the most attractive tourist destination in Europe, like Matterhorn.

The nature of Lucerne looks like a landscape image of a photo gallery.

The Hotels and aerial cableways of Mount Pilatus attract visitors.

Mouth-Watering Ski food

5.Mouth-Watering Ski food 

If you are planning a holiday in the Alps you can eat ski food.

One of the best mountain dishes is Pierrade. 

First heat a Quadrilateral stone then leave the chopped meat on it. It’s a tender and tasty food.

Fondue is another tasty food. Most of the visitors try it. It’s a soft food which is made of cheese and bread crumbs.


Diot is delicious pork sausages. They become more delicious with cabbage and cheese. It’s a grilled item and mostly favourable by wine.

Wildlife in the Alps

6.Wildlife in the Alps

Alpine Marmot, Chamois, European Lynx and Alpine Ibex are the famous animals in the Alpine range. 

Nearly 30,000 species of wildlife live in the Alpine range.

Alpine Flora and Alpine Fauna give extra wonder on Swiss Alps Vacation

There are 4,500 plant species in the Alps. These plants have good growth in the Alpine climate. Scientists show the alpine flora of the Hengduan Mountains always extends longer than any other flora species on Earth.

Biodiversity and rich culture threaten Alpine nature. In all mountain regions, we can find different types of animals with specific habitats. Small Herbivore animals, Large Herbivore animals, Rock climbers, Wild Goats and Marmots survive on coldest temperatures.

culture of alps

7.culture of alps

The culture and history of the french alps attract people. The region of old savoy was the longest-ruling royal house in Europe. 

There is a cultural history of the Alp’s was. There were many farmers. They lived there in an adverse environment. 

Now, they celebrate many festivals with modern farming related.

hiking in swiss alpine range


Europe’s best hiking destination is The Alps. The Alps give you wildflowers, charming villages and peak’s hiking enjoyment. 

You can face off with the Bernese Oberland, mont blanc rambler and the alpine pass route. Those are the top hiking routes of this region.

9.Beautiful Alpine towns

Saint-Gervais-Les-Bains, La Grave, Cordon are the beautiful Alpine towns. 

Montreux, famous for its musical place. This city hosts many musical festivals.

Visit the Top of Europe on your Swiss Alps Vacation

10.Visit the Top of Europe on your Swiss Alps Vacation

Jungfraujoch is called ‘The Top of Europe’. It’s one of the most iconic destinations in the Alps region. 

If you travelling to Switzerland you can visit here. Jungfraujoch is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Let’s take a journey on Cogwheel Railway. Cableway connects visitors to carry on Jungfrau region. 

The 10 facts will bring a new enjoyment on your Swiss Alps Vacation.

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