Rishyap – Good Destination Of Kanchenjunga Viewpoint

Rishyap Tour Sightseeing

Now’s when a mountain is the best attraction, Rishyap will fulfil your dream. Rishyap is one of the ultimate destinations of Kanchenjunga viewpoints in India.

It’s not a magical world. You can’t travel anywhere in the world with a few steps.

You need to choose the best destination. It might be far away from you or near you.

West Bengal, is a state of India. People of West Bengal are lucky that they are living in a green scenery state.

It would be a good tourist destination for a foreigner or people living in the country. 

Why Visit Rishyap Tourist Spots

Rishyap would be a favourite tourist spot for a nature lover tourist. Rishyap is the main attraction of the Kanchenjunga viewpoint.

Nature and the sky; when they collide in between of them, the scenery looks beautiful and gorgeous.

It’s a hilly region. If you are a solo traveller or going for a family tour at weekend, you will enjoy it really.

Now many bikers are searching many offbeat locations near the place. Rishyap resorts are so beautiful and you can enjoy at least 3-4 days without going to other Rishyap sightseeing.

If you want to look at a Kanchenjunga viewpoint for photo clicking, travelling or enjoying, you can visit here. The top peak of Kanchenjunga looks gorgeous from here.

How to reach Rishyap

“If I were asked under what sky the human mind has most fully developed some of its choicest gifts, has most deeply pondered on the greatest problems of life and has found solutions, I should point to India.”

Max Mueller

Rishyap is a place in Kalingpong. Kalimpong is a District of West Bengal. West Bengal is a state of India. 

If you want to travel by train, book a train from Sealdah to New Jalpaiguri Junction (NJP). 

Flight travellers need to reach Kolkata airport (Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport) or Siliguri airport (Bagdogra International Airport) at first.

Everyone should do their second step in Siliguri or NJP. Because it’s a common way to reach fantastic Rishyap.

Next, you’ll get vehicles to reach Kalimpong from NJP or Siliguri. You need to bargain in there. 

Book your vehicle from Kalimpong to your resort. They take you anywhere.

Where To Visit For Sightseeing In Rishyap Location

First of all, if you haven’t any problem staying without seeing any sightseeing, you can do it. You will feel no loneliness. Because all of the Rishyap homestays are very beautiful and time spending.

Most of the Rishyap homestay is situated in the middle of the hill. You can see many mountains and their peaks from your homestay.

Further, Neora valley national park, Changey waterfall, Tiffin Dara and Kagyu Thekchen Ling Monastery are top attractions. 

Despite this, everyone like the place for sunrise viewing and Kanchenjunga top peak viewpoint. 

Rishyap Tour Cost

A hotel cost approx 1200-2000 INR (Per head) (per day). If you stay in homestay price is approx 1000-1800 INR (Per head) (per day).

Car price 500-1000 INR (Per head) (per day) for sightseeing. This price varies if the number of people is 4-6. If the number is more or less than it, the price will vary on it.

Food cost is precise according to place. Noodles, chow mein, momos, chicken, etc are conventional food. Restaurant dish price starts from 250 INR approx. 

Vehicle price from nearest station or airport to the hotel starts from 400 approx.

If you purchase other items from here, your travel cost will increase. Roughly if you have a trip of 6-7 days, Rishyap tour cost per head will start from 7500 INR approx.

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Best Time For Rishyap Tour

“All travel has its advantages. If the passenger visits better countries, he may learn to improve his own. And if fortune carries him to worse, he may learn to enjoy it.”

Samuel Johnson

There is no particular timing for the Rishyap tour. Many tourists become confused about the timing. 

In case, you choose the monsoon and the perfect winter season, you’ll not satisfied. Because it’s a mountain area; the monsoon is not an almost perfect season. The situation of landslides creates an atmosphere of fear in the monsoon season.

During winter, you can’t see the mountain peak and Kanchenjunga viewpoint perfectly. 

Mid-march to Mid-July is the perfect season for the Rishyap tour.

What Should Do’s and Don’ts

  1. If you pick the winter timing, collect winter dresses, jackets, hats, etc. Winter weather will make you sick because of not wearing proper dresses.
  2. If you travelling during monsoon season, umbrella and monsoon footwear is necessary. 
  3. Don’t travel unwanted and not used places. 
  4. Various dishes are available here. But accept those which is good for you. The digest capacity of hilly people and normal people is not the same.
  5. Avoid dangerous roads. There is a terrible possibility of landslides. 
  6. Residents of Rishyap is very helpful. Don’t need to avoid them. 
  7. Keep 1 day in your hand for the Kanchenjunga viewpoint. One place on a hill is permanent pin-point for sunrise and sunset view. You can view the sunrise and sunset also with the scenery of Kanchenjunga.
  8. Most travellers forget that nature plays a key role in every travel destination in the world. So, don’t damage it. Put plastic and abandoned items in the dustbin. Inhabitants ought is to obstruct cutting trees and unnecessary house building.
  9. Many places are inaccessible. So, take care of your child. Proper dress is required during Hiking. Many harmful creatures live in the jungle and hills.
  10. If you are going with a travel agent or by yourself, you should set prices properly in any situation.
  11. The place is good and beautiful. If you like it, you should come here more.

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