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We accept these category posts

  1. Sports
  2. Business
  3. Toys and Games
  4. Technology and Gadgets
  5. Travel and Nature
  6. Style and Fashion
  7. Health and Fitness

Guideline for Guest Post Submission

  1. Article of 800 words. ( Minimum)
  2. Article should have proper meaning.
  3. Only 2 dofollow link allowed per article.
  4. Article should contain proper SEO ( heading, subheading, title, keyword density, secondary keywords, long tail keywords, short tail keywords, with proper and multiple paragraph, proper narration, etc )
  5. plagiarism free content
  6. Don’t keyword stuffing
  7. Don’t link backlinks to your site externally with anchor text, which is related to your website page. ( For example : your guest post content / Keyword :- The Best Running Shoes of 2022 / Running Shoes of 2022. You will not get a backlink with anchor text “Running Shoes of 2022”. You can attach backlinks to other non-related posts or pages.)
  8. we don’t accept high spam score sites.
  9. 1 Image or 1 video is necessary. You should have permission to use. free loyalty or copyright free image or video.
  10. Content in English Language.
  11. Any link not allowed in first paragraph. You need links in mid of content and footer of content.
  12. Don’t use redirection link and the keyword link and the landing page should be meaningful.

After receiving your content, we will review it as per our guidelines. After that, we will publish the content on Blognewstop and send to you. We takes 7 days to publish your blog. If it will take much time then we will send a email for next publishing time. Our decision will be final. If you will be rejected, you’ll get an email.

If you can main above rules properly, send your article with image or video in Ms word file.

My email address: [email protected]

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