Fantastic Chess boxing rules

What is chess boxing? - Chess boxing rules that you should know

What is chess boxing? – Chess boxing rules that you should know

We all know about the sports of chess and boxing.

On the one hand, chess is a board game. One player beats another player with this mind game. 

On the other hand, boxing is a combat sports game. One player defeats another by wearing gloves and other protected equipment.

But have you heard about chess boxing?

Meanwhile, this sport is creating a vibe among others.

In the year 2003, Iepe Rubingh, a Dutchman did invent this.

Enki Bilal, who was written “Froid Equateur” inspired Iepe Rubingh.

What is chess boxing - Chess boxing rules that you should know
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What is chess boxing?

Chessboxing combines two sports into one. Here is a combination of chess and boxing.

In the game, participants should do a checkmate or knockout to win.

Sense, either do a checkmate on a chessboard or knockout in boxing range.

One is hardy physical sports, and another is a mental game of board. Thus, participants should have skills in both cases. If one thinks that dominating in one field will make him win easily, it will not work. A fighter should do practice with boxing gloves and punching bags, also spend multiple time in chess board.

Imagine former world chess champion Vishwanathan Anand checkmate the opponent’s king with his knight. But can’t survive 30 seconds in the boxing ring.

As opposed to that, eight-division boxing world champion Manny Pacquiao defeats the opponent with his left hook punchBut can’t stand up in a board game within 1 minute.

It will be tiring to see these matches.

A youngster should make him like Nikolay Sergeevich Sazhin, a former world champion of chess boxing. Because he has both power and brain, which is most needed for this sport.

Fantastic Chess boxing rules
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Chess Boxing Rules

A complete game is played with eleven rounds. 5 rounds of boxing and 6 rounds of chess in between.

Timing of 3 minutes imposed for every round. 

A match starts with a chess round. After that, the boxing round is played. 

Play starts with chess in 1st round, after that 2nd round with boxing and 3 rd round further chess. This rule continues.


In the beginning, the Chess referee starts and stops the game. Judge ring the bell in the beginning and the chess referee start the match with a chess clock. The chess referee stands beside competitors.

Other assistances comes to the ring with a chessboard. They placed the board in the middle of the ring. When the chess starts, the player sits down on two different seats. 

A chess clock is kept beside the board. A player moves their chess pieces and starts or stops the digital time watch as their accordingly. 

If any problem happens, the judge stops the clock and resumes.

Besides this, headphones played an important role. 2 Headphones are always worn on the heads of competitors. Fighters can be protected by these from outside noise. 

Fighters win the game by checkmate opponents. Further, if an opponent has disqualified or taken a time more than the given time.


At the start of a boxing round, fighters shake hands with each other. A boxing bout referee is always present with participation.

Before the start, a boxing bout referee reminds them about the competition rules.

A fighter must wear boxing gloves and a mouthguard in the period of the boxing bout.

Draw of Chessboxing

Something different from other sports. There is no draw in this sport. 

If anyone can’t knockout in boxing or checkmate in chess, the judge gives the same number of points. Despite this, the winner declared to the player who used the black chess pieces.

chess boxing champion
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Some strict Chess Boxing Rules

  1. Players must be disciplined in both formats. Sometimes, because of heavy fatigue, they start to play undisciplined. 
  2. Players must have an understanding of both chess and boxing.
  3. Match referees can give them a 10-second penalty if they waste time intentionally.
  4. 6 rounds of chess and 5 rounds of boxing will continue until a winner has been declared by the previous round.
  5. If the chess round does not end with 3 minutes of playing time, judges stop the play and give the time of a 1-minute break.
  6. If the boxing round does not end with 3 minutes of playing time, it follows the same rules.
  7. Both fighters should have to follow all rules and regulations.
  8. It will illegal act if anyone attacked under the rival’s waist, hitting the head, kick on the foot, holding them, hitting with open gloves, punching the rival’s backside, throwing hard material towards the opponent on the boxing bout.
  9. Players will punish if a player takes too much time for a chessboard advantage, taking any chess-related suggestions from their trainer and arguing with the referee.

Final words

You can watch it’s not a popular sport now. Because many young children are not aware of this sport. Also, more people are thinking it may be very difficult. 

It’s so popular in India now. If athlete focus on it, It can get a olympic medal india.

But day by day Chess boxing is getting popular. If you obey the Chess Boxing rules you would be a perfect athlete. 

It’s not just a game. It can strengthen you physically and mentally.

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