How to Create Amazon Seller Account Step by Step

Create Amazon Seller Account-Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash-blognewstop
Create Amazon Seller Account-Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash-blognewstop
Create Amazon Seller Account in India

Previously and now, the e-commerce industry has repeatedly been growing. Amazon is an example of a Big E-commerce brand. It has changed the scenario of shopping style. People are shifting to online shopping than offline shopping. Now, the biggest advantage of Amazon is that they solve the problems of small and big businesses. For that reason, most traders question how to create Amazon seller account.

The main reason for establishing a seller account is that the Amazon marketplace has the potential for gathering traffic through the amazing e-commerce style and technology. We see Amazon is selling a wide variety of products. Did you know that around 50% of their products originate from their sellers?

Now, I will explain how to create amazon seller account step by step.  

How does the Amazon Seller Account work?

We use this marketplace for merchants and brands to directly sell their products to consumers. There are 2 ways to create an Amazon seller account.

1. As an individual seller

2. As a professional seller

As an individual seller

Individual sellers are those who want to sell a few items on Amazon. Amazon doesn’t offer more features in a separate account than a professional one. Although, there is no setup charge for an individual seller account setup. But you have to pay $0.99. Since you don’t have to pay a monthly subscription, the price of $0.99 additionally has to be paid for every sold product. The product quantity limit requires less than 40 units per month.

As a professional seller

If you want to get a limitless income from amazon, a Professional account is for yours. Due to the high feature, you have to pay $39.99 per month for a professional account. You will get more features and more benefits from this. 

Documents for Create Amazon Seller Account in India

I know that many are curious about how to fast create amazon seller account in India. But some mistakes can help you to fall behind. So, you must collect the below documents.

  • You will need to create a legal business name and its document, proper & official address, contact information, Etc. 
  • A credit card is required. Any billing transaction does not process without a credit card on amazon.
  • A bank account is necessary. 
  • Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN) number is also essential. 
  • Permanent Account Number (PAN)
  • A cancelled cheque for registration

How to register and sell on amazon

  1. Open the registration form to create amazon seller account. Click Create your Amazon account after a click on Start selling. 
  2. Create a new account with your name, email, password, and mobile number details.
  3. After that, a page will open. Fill the page with your legal company or brand name and click on the seller agreement. The name should be the same as your GST and pan details.
  4. Next, submit with store name, product category, and address. In which field your products will be sold, product category should be related to this.
  5. Amazon will verify your address, legal name, and other significant documents. If you submit an address, fill it with a proper address from where your products will be shipped.
  6. Thereafter, 2-step verification will be enabled. Therefore, fill in the correct details previously. 
  7. Submit tax details.
  8. A Seller interview process will open. You will need to select the correct category. Choose the selling category, your annual turnover, where you get products from, how many products you sell from your website or not, Etc. 
  9. At last, list products with tax code, signature, charges, and details in the seller dashboard. 
  10. Finally, launch your business.

Sale strategy on Amazon

There are 5 types of sales strategies on Amazon.

  1. Dropshipping – You can sell products through dropshipping in india. An item sold directly to consumers from dealers or wholesalers.
  2. Wholesale trade – Buying a lot of products and selling on Amazon. A seller can get a big amount of money from it.
  3. Personal selling – If you find a good item suitable to you. You can sell the product by creating your brand.
  4. Handmade products – Handmade products are made by people themselves and sold on Amazon.
  5. Online Arbitrage – Seller sells products that are already selling on Amazon.

Final Words

Building an Amazon seller account is easy, and it creates a business easily. After hard work and dedication will reach you to become a popular amazon brand easily. There is no quick shortcut to becoming a seller. Create Amazon Seller Account and earn high profits.


How to Create Amazon Seller Account Step by Step
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How to Create Amazon Seller Account Step by Step
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