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Choose Boxing Gloves Punching Bags-Blognewstop

4 Procedures to choose the best boxing gloves and punching bags

Boxing is a sport that plays with a tough mindset. Mostly you can see the two players become more reckless and frantic in the boxing ring. It takes more dangerous stunts and accidents. Boxing gloves and punching bags are more useful for training and competition purposes.

When you are choosing those items, carefully mind some points. Not for purchasing purposes only, those suggestions are also for practice and training time.

When you are preparing for a different stage, you should use different boxing gloves.

1. Follow the types of boxing gloves and punching bags

Types of Boxing Gloves

1. Practising gloves – For general training uses. Manufactured with different weights, heights and sizes. These gloves are thinner than other types of gloves because they improve your practice. You can use this glove with punching bags and punching pads.

2. Sparring gloves – When your partner stands opposite to you, sparring gloves is the best for that time. Who hits his club partner? The maker makes the pads of sparring gloves to keep those points in mind. 

3. Competitive Gloves – Suitable for matches. Two types of competition gloves are used. One is for an amateur boxing match and another is for pro boxing matches. These gloves absorb shocks. 

Types of punching bags

1. Uppercut bags – Mainly, athletes are using these bags for punching improvement and acquisition of uppercut action timing. Players fix it with a wall and practice on it. The movement of these uppercut bags is slow.

2. Speed Bag – If you’ve never seen a boxing bag or gloves, you’ve probably seen one in a movie. Players punch on it continuously. When trainees punch it, it returns with speed and improves eye movement and hand speed.

3. Heavy Bags – Those who want to practice different kicks and punches can use them easily. It improves the muscle power and strength of a player. It allows practising leg kicks in a better way.

4. Punching Dummy – It’s a substitute for your training partner. It improves the straightness of grip and improves muscle. Whoever wants to improve his strike from the ground position, punching dummy is for them.

Other types of punching bags and gloves are available however, most players use them.

2. Buy them by size and weight


8 oz – Teenage boxing gloves. Mostly used by teenagers. 

12 oz – Lightweight training gloves. This is used in a practice fight. Up to 135 lbs, Boxers use this.

14 oz – Heavier training gloves. This is used in a sparring fight. Up to 150 lbs, boxers use this.

16 oz – Lightweight Sparring gloves. It is used in a sparring fight and punching bags during training. Up to 185 lbs, boxers use this.

18 oz – Heavyweight sparring gloves. It can be used in heavyweight boxing. Up to 185 lbs and above boxers use this.


Bag of 40 pounds – The punching bag of 40 pounds is for teenagers level. If you have a teenage child, they can practise with 8 oz gloves.

Bag of 70 pounds – The punching bag of 70 pounds for beginners level. These types of bags are generally made of synthetic fibres. 

100-pound bag – Suitable for intermediate boxers. 

200-pound bags – This is for heavyweight boxers. 

Choose Boxing Gloves Punching Bags-Blognewstop
Practice with punching bag

3. Other accessories compatible with boxing gloves and punching bags

At the time of purchase, the above 2 items are not only essential to buy. Try to purchase accessories with them.

Heavy bag anchor – It’s a stabiliser of your punching bags. No need for a drilling hole. It should be a tie-up with a punching bag before use. 

Hand Wrap protection – Hitting a bag is a heavy workout for your wrist and hand. Without protection, you don’t compete or practice. While you are hitting a target, it saves your bone by damaging. Fighters wear it with their hands tightly before punching.

Boxing Head Guard – It protects your head. Boxing head guard is essential in both workout and competition. Headgear is well manufactured with good quality synthetic leather, which protects you from opponent jab and punch.

Mouth Guard – Boxing Muth guard is a flexible item that protects the player’s mouth from any type of opponent’s hit. 

4. Building materials of Boxing gloves and punching bags

The material is the most important for heavy bags and punching gloves. You are preparing for sports. By using false items in practice time, it will discourage you from sports. The outside material of the punching bag should be leather. 

Naturally, sand is the best way to fill up the inside of the punching bag for weight. Gloves are made with excellent quality synthetic leather. The material is not well known and is the result of the damage of boxing gloves and punching bags.


Whether you are a beginner, teenager, professional boxer or kickboxer in the boxing field, these products are well-designed for you. There are different types of boxing practices. By using these products correctly, you can carry out the best performance in your professional boxing arena. At the time of purchasing, look at their materials, size, weight and features carefully. Colour will not be a key element for boxing gloves and punching bags.

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