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A person’s personality is reflected in his height. We can see if a person has a tall height, everyone considers him with a great identity. A man with a short height ignored by all. Not everyone does, but most humans do this. Now, most people are questioning “how do I increase my height?” I will tell you the best way to increase height in describing methods.

Most people think that growing height after the age of 18 is impossible. Hormones and genes are the main carriers to increase tall. Many children grow before 18 years. The influence of hormones, genes and nutrition is well regulated in those bodies before 18 years.

This does not mean that children are taller before the age of 18, no one is taller than them. There are some tips and the best way to increase height if you can obey that.

First, think of yours

At first, you should think about why you want to increase your height. Some are trying for his defence job, some are restless with comments from friends or relatives.

If you are irritated with someone, ignoring is a good option. 

Height is a natural growth of human life. It’s not artificial, it is not made of anything. If you want to increase your tallness, you can do it by some method. But don’t do it by force. Increased tallness by force has many cons. Many people are doing surgery to make them tall. 

Create your diet chart for every day

Questioner: “How do I increase my height?”

Respondent: “Do you maintain your diet every day?”

Questioner: “No, not yet.”

Respondent: “Get started today.”

Vitamins, calcium, protein, minerals and carbohydrates are the best ingredients in food. The mixture of these ingredients is the best way to increase height. These ingredients will help you to increase your tallness quickly and strengthen your muscles, nerves and bones.

Protein is the best biomolecule that helps skin, bone, muscle, organs and the best way to increase height under 18 mostly. Parents should take care of their children from childhood in the case of diet.

Maintain a diet when your child is 12 years old. A balanced diet, eating nutritious food will grow your body from a young age.

Say no to alcohol, smoking and tobacco

Alcohol reduces the growth of a person. It affects children below 18 years of age. Any type of tobacco is not good for general health. 

Some pregnant women smoke daily. The child has in his womb, can be affected by this attitude. Not only has their growth stopped but they also come out with genetic disorders. 

Maintain your sleeping times

It is scientific proof that children grow while sleeping. When we are in sleeping time, Our body grows. Your body releases Human growth hormone in the sleeping. Not sleeping can reduce Human growth hormone. 

Exercise is the best way to increase height

Are you wondering how to increase your height after 18 years? Exercise is the best opinion. During exercise hormones, genes, and nutrition are growing rapidly. May you have seen, after starting hard exercise children continue to grow. 

Some exercises are the best way to increase height after 18

1. Hanging – Hanging is a relaxing exercise for all types of ages. You can hang on a bar and stay for 10 seconds on the first attempt. While hanging, keep your arm and body straight. Day by day extend your hanging time. 

2. Toe touching exercise – Most reliable bending exercise. Stand in flat places. Don’t stand in an uneven place during toe exercise. First, stand up straight and slowly lean forward. Try to touch your hand on the back of the foot. Try touching your head to your knees. If you are a beginner, do it slowly.

3. Cycling – In the time of cycling, all body parts are in the mode of exercise. Scientifically proven. So, spend your time cycling. 

4. Jogging – Senior people are like it. Due to heavy age, they are unable to run. So, most of them choose jogging. Jogging increases your tallness and makes your legs longer. It maintains your cholesterol level.  

5. Skipping – Funny exercise. Because of jumping height will be increased. While jumping, a rope can strengthen and stretch your legs. Make them longer and stronger. 

6. Stretching Exercise – Lie on the floor. Raise your head on the top. Arch your spine. Do it for 20-30 seconds. It’s the best way to increase height. 

7. Yoga – Yoga is now a trending exercise. First international yoga celebrated on 21 June 2015. Yoga is another way to increase height. 

Trikonasana, Suryanamaskar and Hastapdasana are among of yogas. Yoga stretch your spine and all body muscles. 

8. Ankle exercise – There are many ankle exercises is available. Ankle exercise lengthens your bone and leg muscles. 

Practice the correct posture

You can indeed see many people on public transport, who are short because of their posture. A few people are curved. Someone’s hands and feet are not normal. If they have a genetic problem, it’s ok. 

But some people behave abnormally. You should have remembered that only good diets and exercise can’t make you taller. Good posture makes men taller and inhibits your back pain and headache.

Does good posture increase height?


some good habits–

Stand always straight

The face should be above the neck.

Shoulders should be behind.

The abdomen and waist should be parallel to the spine.

You should keep your spine straight without bending.

Hands and feet should not be bent during any work. 

When doing any work, the hands should move at the same speed as the feet.

While sitting and sleeping; a proper angle should be made at the top of the waist and the bottom.

Now you have an option to choose the best method from plenty of habits. Why are you waiting? Go and make a habit of it from tomorrow. Have you tried any exercise from above? Until you come to the field, you don’t get an option that how will you increase your height. These are the best way to increase height.

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