9 World Top Disgusting Diseases Of A Human Body

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We are Human. We grow by a natural rules from the childhood. But sometimes many problems come to our life. Sometimes those are scary, sometimes normal and sometimes annoying. A child can’t grow during his childhood without any faith. The faith comes from her parents. How parents treat him, they grow with such. If parents don’t take care him, they will grow with an abnormal attitude. The abnormality is applicable also for the structure of a child.

For example; You were a normal child before. Your parents had treat us like other parents. You grew up with playing toys, playing with friends, studying in school, etc. On the other hand; a child of your neighbour may be abnormal from her little age. It may be congenital or after birth.

If it is congenital, there would be a very little chance to recover. But if it is happen after birth, there would be many possibilities to recover. There are many medical disorders that we are heard of. Such as, diabetes and asthma. But a few disorders we don’t know about it. We will look the rarest and strangest medical diseases.

List Of 9 World Top Disgusting Diseases

  1. Hight short – It is a congenital problem of a human. Sometimes, you can see a human is very small and he faced satire. Other people satires them for their little height. Many people take a wrong decision when they see that it takes a big problem than what they have seen before. You can’t see those people in an office or any working sector. Many cases, they worked another job or they become jobless or Joker.
  2. Liver Dieses – It’s a after-birth disease. Many people are suffering this after 40+ age. Liver is a orgaan of human body. So, if it will suffer, you will get illness and many other unhealthy condition.
  3. Sweating – One of the most problematic diseases. People who get much suffer of headaches and nerve problems, they faced this problem too.
  4. Elephantiasis – You will get surprised, if you see the patient with this disease. The leg structure becomes big and fat. People can’t move their legs. Tissue and skin become thick. It’s a very rare disease. Most of the cases it spread by mosquitoes.
  5. Stone Man Syndrome – Stone Man Syndrome is a very rare unhealthy disorder. It is seen in 1 child between 20 lakh children. It is a most horrible illnesses. People look like a zombie. It affects your muscle, bone, tissue and body slowly and effectively. Somecases, people don’t walk properly because one of their legs damaged. Sopmetimes, people can’t sit down straight forwad. Because their spine curved. People can’t move ther head, because the weight of their head is heavey.
  6. Auto-brewery diseases – How you will get intoxication in your body? It has a simple answer. By alcohol. But some people of this disease, become alcoholic without drinking or drink a small ml of alcohol. It is called Auto-brewery diseases. people who suffered this diseases, they suffered a lot for intoxication. But after survey, it has proved that they don’t take alcohol or any drugs or tobacoo. It is a rare dieases of a people. Reachers shows that the source of this dieases after eating any food.
  7. Leg short – It’s a uncommon illness of a man or woman. You can’t catch the disease with your eyes. The illness of the disease is very unhealthy. People can’t walk properly. 1 out of 1 million have suffered these diseases. Mode of the cases, bones have been affected for this illness. Bones become shorter and thinner. Not all bones of a body affect by this. Some bones are affected but some are grown as a normal.
  8. Accent dieases – Accent means anyone, who speaks in a language. But who suffers Accent disease, they don’t speak with her own accent. For example, if you are working in a office. Suddenly you fall down from stairs. And You became unconscious. Such this, someone takes you into a hospital. When you will come in your normal position, you would see that you couldn’t speak at your own language. May you speak another accents. Research shows that most of the cases, people speak, united kingdom language, united states language, french accent, korean accent, spanish accents and Japanese accent. But what is your mother tongue, you wouldn’t able to understand.
  9. Smell dieases – May you face it in your life repeatedly. Bad smell is a disgusting thing. Your friend or relative who suffer this illness, you want to maintain a distance from those people. It become more pathetic, when a people attend a party or reception, but for this disorder, everyone take a distance from the people.
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One of the most Disgusting Diseases

I told you about some uncommon disgusting diseases. You should know about these. If you know these, you will able to defend these. You can’t inspect these disease origin, structure and solution with your normal eyes. If you obey doctor’s rules you can recover increase height , make your legs longer , liver repair , etc.

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