Mind blowing 50 Side Business Ideas India

Side Business Ideas India

Mind-blowing Top 50 Side Business Ideas In India 2021

Tell the truth, are you not thinking about how to create extra money? Most of the people are doing the same. There are many side business ideas in India.

Unemployment is a huge problem in India. Many people don’t try to jump into a business. What are you thinking? I’ll tell you about those business ideas which are not only for the unemployed but also for the side income of an employee.

But the difference between you and a businessperson is they have already started the business, but you haven’t. 

Note down, at least you will gain a huge idea. Don’t let the time go. 

Side Business Ideas India
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Trending Primary Side Business Ideas in India 2021

1.Sell Cards

Greeting cards are always in the picture of the heart. Greetings card business means greeting cards sold to the customer. There is a huge profit margin in the season of Happy New Year. Otherwise, the demand for these cards is always high.

2.Phone Cover

There is a vast market for smartphones. A small shop can bring a part-time income for you. Trade in phone cover, back cover side cover, folding cover etc.


Blogging is a top side business idea for students. In addition to studying, they can launch a blog site. It’s the best side business online.

4.Food Delivery Service

Take a while and arrange for 5 or 7 boys to deliver food near your area. After a long time, you can expand it as a full-time business.

5.Grocery Delivery Service

From day to night, grocery is important for life. A grocery delivery service is good for a part-time business near your area.

6.Graphic Design

The internet world is full-on graphic. If you have a small knowledge of graphic design, be ready to get a huge income from it. Graphic Design business is one of the best part-time business ideas. It’s a one of the most buzzing side business ideas in India.

7.Photography of weeding

At first, here need to have money. A camera is the main principle. Later it will give revenue. It’s a side business idea in India.

8.Affiliate marketing

It’s one of the best part-time business ideas in India. Join a company’s affiliate programme and share their products on your social media profiles.

9.Recharge Mobile

Many seniors cannot recharge their sims online. You can recharge their mobile from home or a small shop. 

10.Virtual Tutor

In 2021, one of the best online revenue generations is virtual tuition. The parents of a student would be happy to see their child learning from online tuition.

11.Making Homemade food

It’s true that papads, spices, pickles and sweets are indeed the top homemade yummy food. Try to make them at home and sell them.

12.Tea Stall

When side business ideas in India become popular, tea stalls have been conducting them. Meaning, the availability of tea stalls in business is huge. If you are an employee, after returning home you can run a tea stall beside your house. Most profitable.


On Sunday, most people celebrate the weekend holiday. Open a shop near your house. You can generate income from this part-time business in India.

14.Coaching Classes

After returning home from the office, you may get 2 or 3 hours at least. Create this time most economical time by doing coaching classes.

15.Car Wash

Not many people remember this, it is a good local business idea in your area. 


Vlogging is an online income business idea in India. Many YouTubers are surrounding you. Heavy online income is generated.

17.Reselling Online

All-time high on the list of side business ideas in India. There are many online reseller platforms (exam. Meesho). Resell items with your social media or make a website. It gives a huge income if you take it seriously.

18.Data Entry Job

It’s fine to work. You can work as a part-timer or keep job-seekers. It’s a part-time business online.

19.Startup consultant for a beginner business

Open a consulting house to start a business if you started a business. You can advise them easily. Business sinks due to lack of advice.

20.Writing Business

Online or offline writing is one of the personal side business ideas in India. If you are a teacher or in any study profession, online writing is for you. Many publishers are seeking experienced writers for their industry in India. Otherwise, write with your expertise and publish it in online publications. You will find get many variations. Exam: Book, Magazine, newspaper, papers, advertisements etc.

21.Build a Yoga class

Practice enthusiasts in all types of yoga. “Health is wealth”. Yoga is getting popular tremendously. India is the founder of yoga. People are not practicing it because of the lack of teachers.

side business ideas online
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Also, there are some secondary side business Ideas in India

22.You can make yourself a tourist guy.

23.CCTV dealers are income huge. All residential and official buildings need to have.

24.CCTV surveillance security guard.

25.Security guard of an office or a residence.

26.Parking service in your residential area.

27.Motorcycle or bike lending to tourists.

28.Network marketing

29.Travel ticket booking for your relatives and neighbours.

30.Virtual service as the assistance of a businessperson.

31.Weeding consultant.

32.Candle making and Soapmaking.

33.Freelancer job as a part-timer.

34.A fast-food shop in your town would give you a huge profit.

35.Made home ice cream.

36.Made home chocolate.

37.Made homemade honey in winter. 

38.insurance agent of any bank. 

39.Sewing clothes.

40.Join a third party and make yourself a second-hand car business person.

41.Build a dance class. Practice students in all types of dance.

42.Set up a mobile tower in your own home. If you live in a Multi-storey house, you will get facilities.

43. Fruit production in your garden.

44. Grow vegetables in the garden and sell at your convenience store.

45.Produce tree saplings in your home.

46.Start your bakery.

47.Sell handicrafts.

48.Shirt design for your friend and known person.

49.selling stamps and coins.

50.In India, garment tailor job is fine.

51.Are you comfortable with a pet? You can provide Pet care services. It’s a trust able side business ideas in India.

part-time business concept in India

You get many side business ideas in India. But you are confused about money. Some of those businesses are ongoing by your hard-working. Some of the businesses need to have money. But how to get money for a business? Many farms of government help those people.

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