5 Outstanding Toy Companies In India-Made In India

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The toy industry become a battlefield in India. The situation of toy companies in India going forward. 

From the beginning of “Made In India”, toy manufacturers trying to give a boost in the industry.

Now a parent brings wonderful toys from anywhere in India for her below 6 years old boys and girls. 

Many toy companies are manufacturing national type and International type toys.

According to IMARC Group’s report, The value of the Indian toys market reached $1.24 billion in 2020 and it will grow 12.2% per year during 2021-2026.

Earlier, a large number of toys had come from made in china. Now rubber and plastic toys manufacturing companies in India make various products with the label of Made In India.

List Of Toy Companies In India


It’s a top toy making company In India. It was established in 1987. It was started in partnership with 2 other companies, MRF Ltd and Hasbro, Inc. 

It has 2 old manufacturing plants, one in Chennai and another is in Goa. 

Photo by Marius Haakestad on Unsplash-5 Outstanding Toy Companies In India-Made In India-Blognewstop
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It’s one of the most trusted Indian manufacturers. The highly experienced team of Toyteamindia has good engineering and manufacturing facilities.

The factory partners of Toyteamindia is Walmart, Disney, ICTI, GSV, etc. They do business in USA, UK, India, Australia, Europe and other various markets.


This company was established in 1985. Shinsei works on manufactureing and retailing. 

They have 3 factories, located in Silvassa, scattered with 25,000 sq ft area. 

They working on making aeroplanes toys, bikes, boats, ships, animals, vehicles, gift sets and creative toys. In 2020, Sensei and Min toy Pvt ltd. have merged and worked together. 


The company was established in 1980 with an ISO 9001-2008 certification. It manufactures attractive and innovative toys.

Their products are made with high-grade raw material and products are non-toxic. The packing and design of playing items are innovative and eye-catching.

Their products are baby playing item, walker, swing and rocker & tracker.


Koppal Toy Cluster is India’s first toy-manufacturing ecosystem. It creates a strategic manufacturing mindset worldwide. 

Koppal is a town in Karnataka. Many manufacturing units of baby toys have been established in this town with a good ecosystem and under one roof.

This cluster is an initiative of the Aequs group. The government of Karnataka announced that country’s toy industry will rapidly grow with outstanding toy companies in India.

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