5 Medium Hairstyles make your style impressive

medium hairstyles

Boys with hairstyles look stylish. Without a hairstyle, he looks unfashionable. Any man likes to keep his hair long. But if you want a stylish medium hairstyle for men, you’ve many options. 

Boys love medium length hairstyles very much. Anyway, I am going to a short discussion about the 5 medium style haircuts.


In this case, a man’s hair is made in a short and mid-length style. It’s mounted high in front of your head. To achieve this, set your hairstyle upward with height and shape.

credit: pxfuel

Faux Hawk

Primarily, this hairstyle is easy to create. Along with low-fade on the sides, it’s a little longer above the head. In this style, the head is shaved except the centre. 

credit: pxhere

Side-Part Hairstyle

The side part hairstyle is a classic medium style hair. The top is swept back and separated by a side part. It is typically suitable for thick hair. The sides of haircuts should be shorter than the top.

credit: pxfuel

Curly Medium Hairstyle

Meanwhile, it is popular for curly hair. A type of flowing haircut along with making a curved and wave shape on your head.

Creator: Kiuikson | Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Blowout Hairstyle

The reason your hair seems to be blowing in the wind is called a blowout hairstyle. If you look relaxed and feel breezy, this medium hairstyle is for you.

creator: Glam Fashion | Credit: flickr

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