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Is it true that water is available everywhere? You may say no. That’s true that the water becomes expensive. Let off past matter. More or less partially, most of the countries suffer from water problems. It makes an opportunity for all available mineral water brands in India. 

 It is not only in India. Expensive and inexpensive water is also available worldwide. You will know about 10 mineral water brands in India

 When the rainy season comes on, the matter goes on misery. Due to the heavy rain, dirty water comes together with drinking water. This matter is mainly accountable for the lacking of water scarcity

 Further, when you are in a place where any type of water facility has not come. Some water suppliers provide bad mineral water in such places. You can’t disclose that you are deliberately drinking this kind of water. 

 So, it must be needed to know the perfect brands of aqua.

Why mineral water brands in India is important 

Despite the rising water deficit, the body and the mind have to be needed healthy water. The water supplier chain is fulfilling this deficit. In case, they skipped the rating of quality aqua, your health will deteriorate. Therefore aqua brand is so important in India.

 Therewithal, good quality of drinking water getting down. In many cases, germs and dirt have polluted the quality of water. Water suppliers company maintain their pH and molecule ratio.

Many companies have a must SWOT analysis programme. Which ensures the quality of liquor. These companies pass through strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats analysis. For this reason, you can believe these water companies in India.

The list of top 10 mineral water brands in India 2022

1. Aquafina

 Aquafina is an American water brand. PepsiCo made Aquafina in the year of 1994. Compounds of Aquafina are= Aluminum – 0.2 mg/L, Copper – 1 mg/L, Nitrogen – 10 mg/L, Chlorite – 1 mg/L, Zinc – 5 mg/L, etc. As per 2009 data, Aquafina was the number one company in retail sales.

2. Kinley

Kinley is one of the best mineral water brands in India in 2022. Coca-Cola Limited is the main brand of Kinley. Since 2000 it starts its operation. They announced that they supply clean and safe water. 

3. Bisleri

Bisleri was originated in Italy. Felice Bisleri created this. It is one of the top leading mineral water brands in India. He applied his brain in India for selling bottles. The parent company of it is Parle Agro. It has a 36% market share in the Indian fitness beverage category. Kinley is dominating the 2nd spot with a 25% share.

4. Himalayan

Don’t be confused with the Himalayan Mountain range. But there is somewhat similar. Himalayan is an Indian first natural mineral water brand. It collects from the Shivalik range of the Himalayan mountains. The mineral compositions are Sodium – 2 mg/l, Magnesium – 1.5 mg/l, Bicarbonates – 26.3 mg/l, Potassium – 0.2 mg/l. It is one of the costly mineral water brands in India.

5. Rail neer

The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) started the Rail neer mineral water project. Rail passengers can use this during travel time. According to IRCTC; Rail neer plants are producing 18.4 lakh bottles per day

6. Tata water plus

Tata water plus is India’s first nutrient water brand. Indian nutrition experts and scientists was created Tata water plus. Global experts created Tata water plus with perfect ingredients. It is suitable for diet and healthy lifestyle. 

7. Bailey

It’s one of the packaged drinking water companies. Bailey was introduced first in 1993. It covered the quality and purity of water. It was India’s second brand in the drinking water category. Bisleri is in the first position. 

8. Kingfisher Mineral Water

This company is a sub-brand. United Breweries Ltd manufactures the Kingfisher Mineral Water bottle. It’s one of the largest selling beverage brands in India.  

9. Qua mineral water

Qua mineral company adhere to these 3 terms- Replenish, Renew and Repeat. Ingredients in it are Calcium – 58 mg/L, Magnesium – 7 mg/L, Potassium – 2 mg/L, Chlorides – 58 mg/L, Nitrates – 1 mg/L. This company claims that they supply 100% organic mineral water and 0% chemicals

10. Oxineer mineral water

Oxineer is a packaged drinking water that offers the purifying water taste. Since 2015, it has been supplying. It was registered in ISO 9001:2015. It is manufactured in a 10 step quality process. Careful collection>Chlorine Dosing>Sand Filtration>Carbon Filtration>Mineralization>Micro Filtration>Reverse Osmosis>UV System>Ozonation Water>supply.

Mineral Water Brands In India-Photo by Sergiu Baica on Unsplash
Healthy fitness minerals for human

Mineral Water Price list in India

1. Aquafina – Rs 19/1l

2. Kinley – Rs 285/1l Pack of 15, 

3. Bisleri – Rs 10/500ml, Rs. 30/2l

4. Himalayan – Rs 61/1l

5. Rail neer – Rs 15/1l

6. Tata water plus – Rs 20/1l

7. Bailey – Rs 20/1l

8. Kingfisher – Rs 10/1l

9. qua mineral – Rs 56/1l

10. Oxineer – Rs 120/1l Pack of 12


Here is a list of the best 10 mineral water brands in India 2022. You are aware of some companies. Almost everyone provides the best quality water in 2022. If you have any questions ask me. If you love this blog, share it with your known person.

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