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An online game is always fun for a boy and a girl. An online game gives you a free space to expose to a virtual world. Especially, those game is perfect for children. Young age people are being addicted to those games. We’ll see free games to play online.

List of 10 Free games to play online for below 18 years

Balloon Maze – It’s a puzzle game for kids. A child below 18 years can play this. Here is a block in the dashboard. There are many balloons on the dashboard. These have to be cracked by an object. Until you cracked all balloons, you can’t jump from one level to the next. The number of points in each balloon burst is equal to the number of each stage.

Ekans Jetpack Blast – It’s a very interesting online game. The main problem is you should tap on the screen or press courser on the screen. This process brings speed to your finger. You have to fly a boy with his jetpack continuously. Two metal slider clashes face-to-face always and continuously, but they don’t maintain a speed. If you don’t maintain the time of two sliders and your flying, you will fall. 

Candy Crush Saga – It’s one of the best free games to play online. It runs on mobile and desktop also. You can score an average good score of 62000. Children and adults both are excited about this game. Here is an unlimited score you can play with it. It’s a puzzle adventure game. You have to burst all bubbles and take points.

Super Heroes Commander – It’s an action game. All zombies want to enter a city. You should destroy them with your special weapons to protect the city. The man carries out a parachute and a gun, which help him to defend himself from zombies and kill zombies. 

Bullet Bonanza – It’s an action-packed first-person shooter game. It’s different from other shooting games for character’s faces. The faces of the characters are animal’s faces. You can fire bullets, rocket launchers at opponents. 

8 Ball Pool Game – It’s a billiards game. Place your pointer in the right position with a billiard cue. Drag it and set the power for a billiards shot and release it to hit. You should hit the first strike aiming at the pocket. If a first-person isn’t able to put balls in the pocket, the opposite person will get the next chance. The white ball is for hitting. If a player hits a ball and puts it into the pocket, then he’ll get another chance to hit. If a player fouls in the playing time, the opponent will get a benefit. 

Drift Race 3D – It’s a racing game for cars. In this game, a car goes straight and races with another car. Drift your car on the right path by moving courser or by touch. The road of the game is in only right and left positions. You need to pull the car at the first right position and next at the left position. Until you aren’t able to deliver your car to the finish point, you have to keep pulling. But you need to beat the opponent’s car to win. 

Bowman 2 – Bowman is an archery-shooting game that is available on the internet. The rule of the game is to hit another opponent with arrows. You will get many chances to kill him. Who kill the opponent at first, he’ll be declared as a winner. Everyone can kill the opponent in one shot by direct hitting in the head with archers’ arrows. 

Toon In With Me Jigsaw – It’s a puzzle game. You need to solve carton puzzle characters. A puzzle carton will remain scattered, you need to rearrange it to build a complete character. 

Bubble Shooter Extreme – It is a popular bubble shooter game. There are many colours of bubbles is available. You need to shoot and disappear them. If you contact 3 bubbles in one place anyhow, you’ll disappear them. But after some time, these will fill the room one by one. 

Final Thoughts About Free Games To Play Online

There is a list of 10 free games to play online. Now children are being addicted to video games. So, I collected these games to keep in mind those words. Boys and girls will like it. These games make the brain of children sharp and enhance the speed of a child.  

On the other hand; many people don’t use the internet at the time of playing games. They don’t like it. You needn’t have the internet to play these games. The games will run without the internet by using your laptop, tablet and mobile. 

But one main problem is ads. Many ads will appear many ads on the playing time. You can wait to skip it or can use tools to avoid this. (It totally depends on you. I’m saying that you can do it. I’m not provoking you. Yes, it’s true that they entertain you by playing on their sites free. So, instead they can earn income with the help of ads)

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